LPO Service

GLobal Technology offers legal support services designed to extend the capabilities of both law firms and corporate legal departments. Our approach is to provide custom LPO solutions to meet our client's specific goals and objectives. We render cost effective solutions while delivering high quality results with the following salient features GTO is an Indian’s leading providers of legal services and has successfully helped several international legal firms over the past 5 years. Litigation support services, low office management, legal analysis legal

LPO Service
drafting, legal documentation, legal document review and legal document management are some of the services that outsource services offers. Choose outsource as your LPO partner and give your firm a competitive advantage!


Range of offered LPO Services

  •  Legal drafting services
  •  Legal research services
  •  Legal analysis services
  •  E-discovery services
  •  Paralegal services
  •  Contract abstraction services
  •  Electronic document management services
  •  Legal document review and management services
  •  Due diligence-compliance services

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