KPO Services

As Indian Outsourcing Industry is expanding, the business of outsourcing, Finance and Administration services is also extending. When businesses are outgrowing themselves at unmatched pace, there are plenty of invisible, direct or indirect pressure on finance and admin departments to reduce finance operational costs, increase productivity and performance. Also they keep tugging on business process improvements, compliance levels and performance issues. The focus, which should be rather on strategic issues keep diverting to low transactional value activities.

KPO Services

The Indian KPO sector offers clients a wide range of services among various industry verticals. Apart from IT/ ITES related services, the KPO industry provides several knowledge-based solutions such as Engineering services, Web Application development, CAD/ CAM Applications, Legal Processes, Intellectual Property and Patent Services, Business Research and Analytics, Legal Research, Clinical Research, Publishing, Market Research, etc. That's the reason why KPO is also known as business research process.

We Transform your business into Success model with Finance & Admin Outsourcing Services

  • Account of payable and travel expenses.
  • Pricing details and administration, reporting and accounting, supply-chain accounting.
  • Source-to-pay.
  • Order-to-cash.
  • Record-to-report.
  • Business intelligence & analysis.
  • Recovery of payments.
  • Decision making support.
  • Management of capital platform.

Outsourcing with Vcare mitigates the implementation risk and with its reduced risk of implementation and improve certainty of outcomes. The flexible approach and excellent framework methodology of Vcare solutions towards Finance and Administration services will provide you:

  • Worldwide presence
  • Expertise across various domains and industry.
  • Optimization of processes through innovative technology.
  • Consolidation of distinct processes and systems.
  • Streamlining of processes.
  • Ability to track and monitoring the result even at lower levels.

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