Telecom Outbound Campaign

Project Name US Based Businesses Restaurants and others small businesses
Project Description

Looking for call center to make outbound to US based businesses (Restaurants and others small businesses) seeking quick capital. We provide loans with80 % approval to these companies in US that need $5k to $250k and we fund them in 1 - 3 days. No personal guarantee needed as this is NOT a conventional bank loan it’s a private equity fund of $500 million. We simply factor future receivables on their credit card terminals. Very simple pitch.

Seats Required

Minimum 10 seat to start 

Payout Batch Leads
     Criteria 1 $15.00 – 18.00 per approved lead.
     Criteria 2 $18.00 – 20.00 per approved lead.
 Hot Transfer Campaign
     Criteria 1 $18.00 – 22.00 per approved lead.
     Criteria 2 $22.00 – 30.00 per approved lead.
Type of Project Minimum monthly average Credit Card Sales $10,000 or more (Visa/MasterCard).
- No Liens against the business
- No Credit Score below 520
- Prospects must have time to talk to the Specialist after the transfer
- Prospects must have genuine interest for Cash Advance (Looking for funds)
Turn Around Time

Minimum 12 months in business and must have been processing for the entire 12 months

Technology used Required information in order of a lead to qualify is; Business name, first name, last name, title
(must owner), address, phone number, email or fax, type of business
Certifications Required Company profile
Payment Frequency Dummy Text
Training & Support

General sales training will be provided by the account mgmt team

CRM – blended BI tool for reporting 

Advance payment No
Challenges faced No

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