M.S Word Typing Project

Project Name Conversion of the image files to ms word (typing)
Project Description

Simple novel typing work

Payment Mode "Allow 7 working days for QC (Quality Check) after submission of work. 
Allow 3 working days to process payment after confirmation of the QC Report."
Input Data Image Files Page Jpeg Format 
Output Data

You have to convert it to MS Word 2007 and above Version

Seats Required 01 System Also Start 
Business Security Fee 17500/-INR (Rs. 10,000/- Refundable After Three Successfull  Months)*

25,000/- INR 

Turn Around Time 22 Days As Specified By Company 
Workload Near about 240 to 270 pages in monthly 
Document Requirements 2 Valid ID's with Photo, Letter of Intent, Proof of Address, Photocopy of Bank Passbook or Cancelled Cheque, Business Registration Certificates/Licenses (SEC/DTI/BIR) along with this application
Quality  required 

Payments according to your accuracy:

90.1% to 100% : Full Payment

80.1% to 90% : INR 18,750.00/-

70.1% to 80% : INR 12,500.00/-

60.1% to 70% : INR 6,250.00/-

60% and below : No Payment and No Work 

Contract Period 11 months can be extended for 7 months more (11+7 months)

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